The current state of targeted news and approvals in Modern SharePoint

One of the areas that classic SharePoint sites still have over Modern SharePoint is the ability to target audiences. I had heard that this had changed so I decided to do a little investigating. The video below runs through that little trip, with the bumps along the way.

What I found was:

  • For any of the targeted content to work, you need/will need to be on Targeted Release for your tenancy.
  • I hope this will change but it only appeared that you could set the Target Audience on a Communication Site not a Teams Site.
  • You can create audiences but they don't compile so don't get tricked - you will need to use Azure AD Dynamic Groups which requires a P1 license
  • If you change the order of news articles, remember to delete the custom order if you delete an article or the stub remains but the link breaks

Looking forward to more updates on this to close the final loops.