GreyHatBeard - a Modern Workplace Podcast is now live

Have you ever sat there listening to a podcast and wondered if you could do that? Did you think that you could share some of your experience with others who might be interested?

After a few weeks of trying things out, I am very happy to announce that Alan Eardley, Garry Trinder and myself have released our first couple of shows for GreyHatBeard - a modern workplace podcast. We'll be releasing new episodes in bite-size chunks every couple of weeks and the general format will be:

  • Garry, Al and Kevin discuss what they've been up to and the latest news
  • Three parts on a topic every fortnight

So far, we've covered our thoughts on what the year ahead will bring and a deep-dive in to Project Cortex but we're planning over the next couple of months to cover topics like:

  • Problems with Dev Ops in a "non-agile" world
  • The etiquette in Office 365
  • How you work and staying focused
  • Governance and the Power Platform
  • Contributing to open source projects

Soon, we'll start opening up for guest appearances so let any of us know if you think you could help contribute to any of the topics. We're all new to podcasts so we're bound to hit some teething issues as we go through the first few episodes but would love to hear your feedback.