Toxic male behaviour - we can and must do better

I'm getting bored of some tweets. You know the ones. "Here's another unsolicited message I received today". I'm bored of these because in 2021, these shouldn't be needed. The unsolicited DM should not be sent. End of story. People shouldn't have to share these Tweets, because we live in a world where we respect each other, especially women. But this isn't about everyone, this about how men treat women online.

I will confess right now that I am not perfect. I think I have made assumptions about someone's role based on their sex. I hate myself for this and I try and learn. I know that I turn my head to a good looking woman when they walk in more than I do for men. I don't think this is right and try and stop myself. l think about how I would feel if it was me.

Do not be afraid to think


Next time you think about sending a message to someone you do not know, just stop a minute and think about what you would think if you received that message. What about if your mother, sister or daughter had received it, what would you say to that person? Stop and think. If you're not sure, don't send it. People will thank you. They won't find it entertaining. They might chuckle but behind your back, they will mutter about you. Don't do it.

We can do better

Men who are reading this, please, please don't dismiss it. Think about what you say and how you would feel. If you see others who are saying the wrong thing, then speak up. Don't be afraid of asking other people to think as well.

This isn't about being woke.

This is about not being a dick head.

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash