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Knowledge Management Series - Introduction to Viva Topics

Autumn came and went. Christmas and the end of the year came and went. 2021 started but still there was no sign of Project Cortex. Vaccines appeared and hope for an end to the pandemic being in sight. But still no Cortex. No knowledge hubs. What could be wrong? Were there problems? Would we see it happen. Now we know the answer and the answer is Microsoft Viva. And I like it.

Lenovo Think Smart View

Do you need a standalone device for Teams? - Evaluating the Lenovo ThinkSmart View

A few weeks back, I was lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to try out the Lenovo ThinkSmart View, a standalone device dedicated to Microsoft Teams. Many of you may be thinking "erm, why would you want that?" and the simple answer (which I'll expand on in a minute) is performance. Too many times has Teams rendered my machine unusable and I spend a large chunk of my day in meetings. Would this improve my experience?


Issue with Microsoft Groups not syncing for SharePoint Site

I hit a strange issue this week but today had that massive buzz of solving it. Sometimes it is the simple things that you've missed but other times (like this one), it is something very odd. The problem was that I had a set of around 1000 migrated sites that had come from SharePoint 2010 and should have been set up as Modern sites.


Sharing the etiquette of Microsoft 365

Last week, myself and my fellow co-hosts of GreyHatBeard were joined by Luise Freese, Vesa Nopanen and Karoliina Kettukari at Collab Days Munich/Vienna as we shared our thoughts on the etiquette of Microsoft 365. It was a fun format with plenty of chance to laugh at the same time as attendees picking up some great ideas as we ran through three questions that each person had 90 seconds to answer.


Creating a custom Microsoft Search connector with Logic Apps

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Knowledge Management Series - Introduction to SharePoint Syntex


Knowledge Management Series - Creating a culture of knowledge

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Knowledge Management Series - Organising knowledge


Knowledge Management Series - Considering where knowledge is stored


Knowledge Management Series

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Using Microsoft Search with a SPA

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Covid 19 shows the power of focus